2013-2014: articulating steps in a process

I’m teaching AVID for the first time this year so needless to say the 180 blog has been put on the back burner as I navigate the wonderful world of WICOR. So, I decided instead of naming my blog Day 2 when it’s already October 25 that I would post under the title of tge current school year. Maybe I’ll feel better about blogging even when I’m behind on daily posts.

Today my students did a collaborative activity to help them work to articulate the steps they take in their pre-work inquiry before tutorials so we can see more specifically what they tried and how they get to the aha! moment during Socratic questioning.

First, I modeled the need for specific steps by demonstrating that 1. Put the sunflower butter on the bread 2. Eat it. wouldn’t work for someone who didn’t know the process.



Then, I had students question me as they do in tutorials so I could clarify my point of confusion and articulate my exact steps to vomplete the process


Next, I had students work together to complete a task and articulate in writing a list of steps for someone to follow in order to complete the task. Each member of the group had a different role based on what I thought (or what formative assessment data showed) they needed to work on in order to improve our tutorial process:


Here’s a list of the tasks I had them do based on items in my classroom:

Divide into groups:

1. put on Guatemalan clothing correctly and culturally appropriately

2. set up the easel for tutorials

3. look up “berenjena” in the dictionary and translate the word to English

4. set up Bingo for a group of 4 to play

5. organize your AVID binder



writer: records the steps as the do-er completes them (CANNOT SPEAK or DO), but may nudge asker if feels like needs a question asked in order to write the steps better)

asker: questions to make sure that there’s no step missing and to be sure that the do-er can complete the task with the instructions written by the writer (CANNOT WRITE or DO)

do-er: completes the task with the direction of the group and articulates out loud what steps they are taking (CANNOT SPEAK but can nudge the asker if feels like needs an additional step articulated by the director)

director: guides the do-er through the process to complete the task but also ensures that each step is recorded by the writer and make sure the asker is asking and the do-er knows what to do based on the steps


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