Day 93: lectura y presentaciones de comida típica y recetas

I had students read recipes for authentic foods and identify ingredients, measurement words, and cooking terms. After reading, they presented on the recipes and had to say “Empanadas son de Chile” or “Salsa de Mole es de Mexico” depending on their recipe.


Then, they showed their class how they categorized the words by underlining the important words in the recipe and color-coding based on ingredient, cooking/measurement.



While organizing my “authentic reading” folder in my food unit folder, I saw I had a worksheet that expilcitly and specifically required students to use reading strategies like making connections, determining importance, and making inferences:

food worksheet

Shoot! I hate when that happens! Hopefully I will remember next year…

To hold students accountable for listening during presentations, I gave them the interpretive task of listening for the origin of the food and labeling a map of Spanish speaking countries with the typical food and 3 ingredients. After all the presentations, I had them choose three foods they would likely be willing to try and describe them in English and give a “comparison” food from their own culture.


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