Day 92: Plan Diario de Alimentos

Sort of a mini-IPA (integrated performance assessment) activity today in Spanish I, students used this authentic text outlining the Daily Nutrition Plan for preschoolers on the website to create a Plan Diario de Alimentos for my daughter or son (based on their ages and the information in the chart). I heard students using the words onzas, tazas, and various food words to complete the task. They had to read the chart to find out “Qué cuenta como” an ounce or cup of granos, vegetales, frutas, proteína, o lácteos and use context clues to understand words they didn’t know. Below is an example of what one pair of students came up with for a breakfast plan (they did desayuno, almuerzo and cena):


To the side of the plate, they had to list the “cantidad” (amount including measurement and type of food) for each food group in the meal.

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