Day 90: interdisciplinary activity- geografía y plaza de mayo

My Spanish 2 students just finished a unit on the 5 themes of geography in their social studies class. Using that framework- pero en español- my students categorized the vocabulary from our community chapter on a graphic organizer, then listened to a yabla video about La Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As they listened, they wrote on a graphic organizer based on the five themes to describe the plaza. Students had to write with a different color than their group members so I could monitor participation and use of Spanish by each member.



Then, we filled out the organizer as a class:


Last year I did this lesson on a regular day and found I didn’t have time to finish. We had a block day today and I actually had ten minutes to spare which I wasn’t anticipating so I decided to prep my students for Friday’s lesson on commands by reviewing “go” verbs.

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