Day 83: How to deal with being absent…

My daughter has a fever, and I lost the coin toss so I am staying home and my husband went to work today. Since we both teach, it’s often a question of who has a plan that is most “do-able” for a substitute- which, let’s be honest- there aren’t many plans that a Spanish teacher (or a Physics teacher- my husband) can have a substitute who doesn’t know Spanish do… I switched around a few of my plans for this week but had to create something totally new for my Spanish Two students to do. Although it’s a bit boring, I often have students work in their workbooks if I am absent. My husband is the technology integration specialist for secondary schools in our district, and he is scheduled to be at my school on Mondays so I had him drop off my workbook for a key so students can check on their own progress today as they work. I tried to leave some “next step” questions and explanations in the margins to anticipate what they might want to ask but won’t be able to ask a sub.


I was inspired to leave a more descriptive key rather than merely answers because of this post on my husband’s 180 blog. I’m hoping to find other ways to increase opportunities for student-led, reflective, formative feedback throughout the rest of the year.

I didn’t record any screenshots today, but another way I deal with having a substitute is to record a screenshot of instructions- that way the substitute won’t accidentally explain incorrectly and the students can’t blame the sub when they didn’t follow instructions. I usually use jing to record screenshots but I have also used screenr.

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