Day 80: papeles locos

As a writing practice activity, students were given the same color as their group and a blank piece of paper with a place. As a group, they needed to come up with a sentence describing what errand they did at that place using preterite verbs. Then, when time was up they crumpled the papers and threw them around the room. Each team then had to pick up a paper and check for errors. If they fixed errors correctly they would get a point. They also had to write a new sentence and keep from being repetitive. After the writing I used my document camera to check each sentence, give feedback on anything that was incorrect and tally the points for each team: 1 point per correct preterite verb and 1 point for a logical sentence. A few sentences were so creative that I gave them two points.


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5 Responses to Day 80: papeles locos

  1. Kelsey says:

    I’m currently studying to be a Spanish teacher. I just want to say that I LOVE all of the ideas that you have. You’re an inspiration for fun Spanish teaching!

    • Thanks! I haven’t been blogging as much this current school year due to a new position teaching AVID. I still teach Spanish but fewer sections. I will try to post more next year. I love getting inspiration and ideas from Twitter #langchat and the blogosphere so it’s nice to hear I’m contributing to the idea pool too.

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  3. Kathryn says:

    I love this!

    So did the students write together in groups? Or was it an individual task? Also, were you able to keep from groups getting the same paper when they threw it?

  4. They worked individually but no reason why you couldn’t do groups or pairs. Usually the papers dispersed enough in the “crazy” that students didn’t get the same paper.

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