Day 76: first leveled exam written

I need to reassess the proficiency level of my students’ verb skills as we just started the new semester and winter break, cultural activities, and final exam have occupied most of our January. Some of the students who didn’t understand verbs well at the time of the last assessment might have figured it out by now through extra practice, individual help, flexible group re-teach, etc. And, some might have lost the skills they did have. During our PLC time we wrote a formative assessment that began with level 1 verb skill questions and slowly increased in difficulty or complexity. At level 2, students are expected to complete simple subject sentences with a correct verb form. At level 3 they are expected to be able to do complex sentences and at level 4, a paragraph with more than one verb. To isolate skills, we created an additional section that would be completed seperately- the paragraph with blanks but a “word box” of conjugated verbs to see if students can apply the verb chart when given or if one of their difficulties is reading in a context. Now to complete the Spanish 2 formative verb assessment tomorrow… My students already took notes today so they know exactly what is expected of an exemplary, proficient, basic, or below-basic Spanish 2 student. Here’s a picture of part of their notes. We started with level 1 and added a new verb conjugation skill as we increased levels.


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