Day 69: TPRS re-tell twist

My colleague had an administrator suggest she think about ways to scaffold TPRS paragraph re-tell tasks for students with IEPs. She thought a cloze activity might work. I decided to try it with a story I created about classroom objects and prepositions. I have yet to examine the results/achievement data but I did informally survey my classes. About half the students liked it or thought it was easier than the comic version of the re-tell and half thought it was more difficult or didn’t like it. We’ll see if it’s more accurate. I don’t think it helps develop fluency the way the traditional re-tell does.


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1 Response to Day 69: TPRS re-tell twist

  1. Martina Bex says:

    Just found your blog through Pinterest. I have a bunch of story activities on my blog; you could scan through and hopefully find some that would work for scaffolding for students with IEPs:

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