Day 15: The Mistake Game


While brainstorming new ways to review verbs with my Spanish II students, my husband, @rutherfordcasey, suggested “The Mistake Game.” He first heard of this game from @kellyoshea (physics teacher- see linked post) and thought it might work in my content area as well. I returned the pre-tests my students took at the beginning of the year (second day of school) with some highlighted errors/feedback and had them analyze the mistakes they made. Then, they chose a verb to use in their mistake sentence. In pairs, they wrote a sentence with a purposeful mistake they thought might be a common error but one the class may not be able to catch easily. Then, they presented their mistake sentence. In order to allow for wait time (some students don’t see mistakes as quickly as others), I had the other students ask the writers of the mistake sentence 5 questions. Questions could be something about the meaning of the sentence, the infinitive form of the verb, the subject of the sentence, the type of error, etc. But, all questions had to be yes/no questions, and none could “give away” the error. Once the students had asked the 5 questions, the first student to raise his/her hand and yell “¡Error!” or “¡Equivocación!” and state the correction of the error accurately got a sticker- surprising how motivating stickers can be…

*the students in the above picture couldn’t WAIT to be on my blog…

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2 Responses to Day 15: The Mistake Game

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is so cool! I sent the link to my students because they usually appreciate hearing about students at other schools doing all the crazy things we do in class. 🙂

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